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We all have an ideal shape that we aspire to, and sometimes no matter how hard we try with diet and exercise, there are stubborn areas that need a little extra help. Tight Sculpt can provide that help by eliminating fat with no surgery, no downtime and immediately visible results.

Tight Sculpt is a hot sculpting procedure that uses lasers to safely and comfortably focus energy to the fat beneath the skin. The laser heats the fat causing natural cell death, while leaving your skin unharmed. As the fat breaks down your body either naturally processes or eliminates it. Once the fat is affected and eliminated, it is gone for good.

During the same treatment, the heat from the laser contracts the collagen fibres to tighten your skin and rejuvenate the surface. It's two procedures in one! Other treatments require patients to undergo two separate treatments – one to reduce fat and one to tighten the skin.