Skin Conditions

Hidradenitis Suppurativa

What is hydradenitis suppurativa?

Often mistaken for ‘boils’ that keep coming back, this is a disease that starts with sore red lumps under the arms, under breasts, groin, buttocks, peri-anal areas or under bra strap or belt lines. These spots appear suddenly, rapidly increase in size (with increasing pain) and then rupture, usually sideways under the surface of the skin, or they sometimes drain to the surface. Besides the painful cysts, blackheads and scars can form and sInuses (tunnels under the skin) can drain smelly pus. It is more common in women than men. This condition is also called’ ACNE INVERSA’, because it is caused by the same mechanism and hormones that cause common acne.

This is chronic, recurrent skin disease. It affects the hair & oil gland follicles of the body, but especially the follicles that are hot, moist, sweaty, oil-gland bearing areas. This is often hereditary, so ask other family members about similar problems or ‘boils”.

How is it treated?

Smoking Cessation
Dairy Free & Low Glycemic Index Diet
Rx Medications
Laser Modalities
Injections and/or Surgery

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